8 Amazing Food Presentation Tips

A sizzling platter with the steak, potato wedges, and wedges arranged properly is always more attractive and appealing than a simple meal or a chicken gravy. You might have watched chefs taking the pain to decorate their dish before presenting it to the judges over famous recipe shows; you might have also noticed the dish you order in a restaurant being presented with attractive garnishing.

Good cooking is not only about the right combination of ingredients to give out a scrumptious dish, it also includes the way a chef presents it. The way food looks plays an important role in determining a person’s perception of it. It is simple human psychology, anything beautiful and attractive catches attention first and pleases the mind than something that is dull, ugly, or not attractive.

The same psychology works in favor of food as well, a dish that looks good is more likely to be eaten. After reading through these food presentation techniques even you can practice and master the art of filing life into the otherwise dull recipe.

Food Presentation Techniques

Strike A Balance

There needs to be a right balance between the proper use of ingredients to enhance the taste and the ingredients you use to garnish or top your dish. The final outcome should be a perfect match of taste, look, color, and decoration in order to please the people for whom the platter is served.

Portion Size

Another effective food presentation technique is to keep the portion and the size of both the food and plate in equal proportions. Match the portion of the food, its size with the size of the plate you serve in. If the plate is too small, it will make it look overcrowded and messy. Too big a plate will make the portions look sparse on the other hand. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to create a balance between the portion of food and the size of the plate in order to make it look good.

Mix Shapes, Colours, And Textures

It is very important on your part while laying down the food on the platter, to combine together portions of different, shapes, forms, and colors together. Try and integrate food of different shapes along with side dishes of complementing colors to have a mesmerizing impact. Try and make use of visual changes by making your presentation more dramatic by making use of kitchen tools like paper-thin shaves, waffle cuts, matchsticks, etc. 

Proper Arrangement

Make sure that along with matching the size of the portion and the platter you also keep in mind the arrangements to be done on the platter. Do not overcrowd the platter and also keep the color factor in mind. Arrange the platter using the combination of color, size, and shape in a way that makes the dish irresistible for the guests.


Temperature is a crucial aspect to be kept in mind while serving a dish. It is common sense to serve hot food hot and cold food cold. However, the degree of temperature also plays an important role and you should make it a point to check the temperature of your food before serving it.

Sprinkle And Drizzle

Another way in which you can make your dish look appealing is by sprinkling it over with chopped nuts, herbs, vegetables, powdered cocoa, breadcrumbs, etc. These extra ingredients will make the otherwise dull platter look ornamented and will also help you hide any imperfections.

Dining Table

It is not only the food and the platter that makes a difference but also the dining place plays an important role. Make it a point to lay down the dining area neat and try and make use of simple but elegant arrangements.

Elegant Tableware

You can make the dining place look neat and elegant only when you make use of proper and elegant tableware. The tableware you arrange should be pretty and the elegance should vary from occasion to occasion. You can try out different shapes like a square-shaped plate instead of a normal round shape. You can also have plates and other utensils in the color contrasting to the dish you have prepared.


Do you find it difficult to make your child have proper food; does your husband always look for something new for dinner? Well, the monotony of the same type of food is difficult to refrain from. What is it that you can do then to rescue out from such a situation? Quite simply, make your food presentable. Go through this article to learn about food presentation tips and acquire skills that will make you a master chef at home.

8 Amazing Food Presentation Tips
8 Amazing Food Presentation Tips 2

8 Amazing Food Presentation Tips

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