Twice Baked Potatoes

Baked potato recipes. Your favorite side dish!

Each day, tons of people search “how to bake potatoes.” So don’t be embarrassed to be here. You’re not alone. While baking a potato is easy and takes zero kitchen skill, there are a lot of ways you can go wrong. Here are our top baked potato tips for perfect results every time.

Baked Potatoes are easy to make and great served alongside a steak dinner or even grilled pork chops! Potatoes are baked until the skin is crisp, and the insides are soft and fluffy.

Top baked potatoes with your favorite toppings like bacon, sour cream or cheese (or even a scoop of salsa or pulled pork) to create a perfect bite!

What Kind of Potatoes for Baked Potatoes?

Russet potatoes are the most commonly used for making baked potatoes, they have the fluffy starchy texture we love in a baked potato.  Truly, red-skinned potatoes, Yukon gold, and purple potatoes are all delicious when baked too although the texture is a bit more buttery.

How To Make A Baked Potato in the Oven

A baked potato is very simple to make, just 3 ingredients needed to get a deliciously crisp skin and a fluffy interior perfect for topping! The classic method of making a perfect baked potato is in the oven (although on a hot summer day, I often cook baked potatoes in the slow cooker).

  1. WASH: Scrub potatoes to remove any dirt or debris.
  2. POKE: Poke holes all over the potato using a fork – about 5 to 6 times. This prevents steam from building up inside of the potatoes while they bake. A potato can explode if steam builds up so make sure you poke right into the potato to create holes, not just pierce the skin.
  3. BAKE: Brush the potatoes with olive oil and salt. Place the potatoes directly on the oven rack and bake.

To Foil or Not to Foil?

If you want a softer skin on your baked potatoes, wrap them in foil before they go in the oven. This helps to steam the skin keeping it from crisping up as much (although I prefer the skin to be crispy and skip the foil)!

How Long To Bake A Potato

A baked potato will take 45-60 minutes in the oven. Cooking times can vary depending on the size of the potatoes and the temperature of the oven, so the easiest way to test them is with a fork to make sure they’re soft throughout.

The great thing about baked potatoes is they can be baked at any temperature. If you have other things cooking in the oven, baked potatoes can just be thrown in quickly without too much to worry about.

Cooking Times:

  • 350°F 60 to 75 minutes
  • 375°F 50 to 60 minutes
  • 400°F 40 to 50 minutes

If the temperature is adjusted to match whatever else is cooking, just adjust the cooking time accordingly!

How To Bake A Potato in the Microwave

If you are pressed for time (or coveted oven space), the microwave method will be your savior!

  1. Scrub the potato and poke it with a fork as above.
  2. Place it on a plate and microwave it on HIGH for 5 minutes.
  3. Turn it over, and microwave it for 3-5 minutes longer or until fork-tender. Top and enjoy!

REMINDER: Do not to use foil if you are making baked potatoes in the microwave.

Baked Potato Toppings

Here are some of my favorite baked potato toppings to serve, keep it simple to have the potatoes as a side and choose a heartier topping to make the baked potatoes the main star of your meal. If you’re serving a crowd, create a baked potato bar at home and let everyone top their own!


  • Salsa & white onions

Baked potatoes go perfectly alongside a steak, grilled veggies, and a salad or put everyone’s favorite toppings, and have them dress their own.

Baked potato bars are a fun idea for a party. Here’s some toppings ideas other than traditional cheese, sour cream and onions:

  • Leftover Chili
  • Broccoli and cheddar
  • Pizza toppings
  • Taco meat and cheese
  • Salsa
  • Avocado (Guacamole)
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip (don’t knock it until you try it!)
  • Cream Cheese
  • Minced Garlic

What goes good with baked potatoes?

This baked potato recipe goes great with just about any main dish, but we especially love baked potatoes with ham, roast beef, pulled pork and steak.

What is good in a twice baked potato?

Twice Baked Potatoes are basically a way to eat mashed potatoes in a cute little potato boat. The first bake is roasting the potatoes so they are nice and tender and the outside is crispy. The second bake is mixing all of your cooked potatoes with butter, cheese, milk, and other yummy mix-ins, then filling the potato skins back up and baking until everything is warmed through. It’s the most decadent baked potato.

We kept our twice baked potato simple so that you can take it where you want it. Anything and everything goes well mixed into a twice baked potato. Bacon is a classic choice, but we also love horseradish, broccoli, or sriracha all mixed in.

What should I do with the extra potato skins?

This is our favorite part! Put them on the tray with the potatoes and bake them during the second bake. They will get extra crispy and be the best snack!

Can you bake the potatoes ahead of time?

Yes! We recommend baking the potatoes and preparing the filling as normal. Prep them up to point of baking the second time and store them in an air tight container in the fridge until ready to bake off. The second bake time will take a little bit longer to warm all of the filling through.

How do you reheat already cooked twice baked potatoes?

To reheat your twice baked potatoes you’ll basically give them a third bake! Reheating them in the oven at 400° will keep the crispy skin on the potato that is so good! The potatoes will take about 15 to 20 minutes to reheat again.

How long do twice baked potatoes last for?

Twice baked potatoes will last for about 3 to 5 days stored in air tight container in the refrigerator!

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Baked potato recipes. Your favorite side dish!

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