Bread recipes. Delicious, soft, and homemade.

Nothing compares to the heart-fluttering happiness of smelling fresh-baked bread. Well, okay, there’s one thing: the scent of fresh-baked, from-scratch bread you’ve made.

There’s a reason baking bread is its own kind of ritual. Because homemade bread is a mix between science and magic, where simple flour, salt, and water transform into crusty-edged, fluffy-centered goodness. It’s empowering, a project that warms your home and satisfies you deeply.

Whether you love pillowy focaccia, craggy soda bread, or a tangy sourdough, there’s a bread recipe waiting for you. And to prove it (eh?), we’ve combed through old recipes box for our favorite bread recipes, ever.

It wasn’t easy—we focused on savory loaves and rolls,  we narrowed it down to the upper crust, the breadwinners if you will. Give them a look, below, then break out the flour and get kneading.

If you’d like to learn how to bake bread, here’s a wonderful place to start. This easy white bread recipe bakes up deliciously golden brown. There’s nothing like the homemade aroma wafting through my kitchen as it bakes.

See how to make bread at home. Recipes for white, wheat, and more with photos, video, and tips to help you make them. Bread machine versions, too!

No, they’re not quicker than other yeast bread—but these recipes are so much easier than you don’t mind waiting.

Bread recipes

The Best Homemade Bread recipes

Soft and delicious, with just a touch of sweetness, and not at all like flimsy store-bought bread, this homemade bread recipe is easy and it’s made with simple ingredients.

Here’s all you need to know about making the perfect loaf of Homemade Bread!

Win the hearts and appetites of friends and family with fresh-baked biscuits, rolls, and loaves of bread. With flavors that are sure to be heartwarming, fresh, and completely delicious, these homemade bread rival those of even the best bakery. Your home will smell fantastic and your guests will certainly thank you.

Baking and sharing your own bread is a great way to win friends. Don’t be intimidated by the notion of bread baking with the right bread recipes, it’s easier than you might think. These bread recipes are simple enough that even beginners can feel confident giving them a try. Some call for a bread machine, others require a stand mixer, but most need no appliance at all except for a hot oven. Soon, you’ll be enjoying fresh white bread, crusty French baguettes, braided challah, party-worthy dinner rolls, and more.

Super Easy Bread Recipes for Beginners

Every baker needs to start somewhere and if you’re new to homemade bread, there are no easier bread recipes than this. The recipes produce a soft crust and a moist center while using the most basic ingredients that can be found in most kitchens.

Beginners will find this to be the perfect introduction to baking great bread. You can use it to learn about the essential ingredients that go into bread, practice your kneading and other techniques, and discover the perfect baking time in your oven.

It’s best if you start with one loaf to see how it turns out. If needed, you can make slight adjustments on a second loaf. Your family will not mind your trials and you’ll quickly find why baking your own bread is so much better than buying loaves at the store.

Experienced bakers will also find that these bread recipes are a perfect base for experimentation. If you’re adventurous, feel free to alter and play with it to create your own bread recipes.

Look no further for countless bread recipes, both savory and sweet, for any time of day.

Bread Recipes You Can Make in Under an Hour

Baking bread doesn’t have to be a labor-intensive, time-consuming task. You can easily make bread (and other bread-y foods) in less than an hour without a machine. So say goodbye to store-bought bread, because after trying these recipes, you’ll be a homemade bread baker for life.

Delicious, soft, homemade bread doesn’t have to be intimidating with these simple bread recipes made with everyday ingredients you probably have on hand. There’s nothing better than a slice of homemade bread!

Guess what? You could be eating a thick slice of buttery homemade bread in about 1 hour. Even better, only about 20 minutes of that time is hands-on. This homemade bread recipe has been a staple in my house for over 20 years because it’s quick, simple, fail-proof, and deliciously satisfying like only homemade bread can be.

Baking your own bread is economical and delicious. But, it’s also enormously satisfying. It is one of the most effortless ways I know to feel like a domestic goddess.

Bread recipes. Delicious, soft, and homemade.

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