Devour Your Reds, The Smoothie Collection

Devour Your Reds is the exciting new venture of The Smoothie Collection by Orchard Gold. Filled with frozen blueberries, blackcurrants, strawberry pieces, and juicy frozen pineapple chunks, Devour Your Reds is such a convenient start to your smoothie.

Simply throw the ingredients in the blender with the liquid of your choice and blend, blend, blend! Devour Your Reds is incredibly versatile. While it tastes so good with simply coconut water, you can also add in whatever ingredients you’re feeling on the day – juice, coconut water, seeds, oats, other fruits, and veggies!

For this smoothie, I wanted to taste test it without too many additives, so I only added coconut water to ensure that the natural fruit flavors would stand out. And wow, was this delicious!


  • 1 cup Devour Your Reds (try to get a good mix of the fruit, sometimes a good shake of the bag helps!)
  • 1 – 1 1/2 cup Coconut Water (or whatever liquid you like!)


  1. Blend the two up, adding in more liquid if need be. I found that because all the fruit is frozen, the smoothie does need a bit more liquid to make it into a more drinkable consistency.
  2. If you’re adding in other things, e.g. fresh fruit/veggies, you may need a little less liquid. The juice from the fresh fruit will be more free-flowing than the frozen fruit juice!

Devour Your Reds is one of the first products in the range to be released and will be coming to your favorite supermarket soon.

The Smoothie Collection by Orchard Gold Naked Wild Blueberries will also be out on the market shortly, so keep an eye out! (Check out the ‘Walk on the Wild (Blueberry) Side’ post of a tasty Wild Blueberry Smoothie recipe)

Devour Your Reds, The Smoothie Collection

Devour Your Reds, The Smoothie Collection

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