How You Can Make Healthier Menu Choices at a Mexican Restaurant?

Are you trying to come up with healthier ways to enjoy Mexican food when dining at restaurants? There are actually multiple ways that you can enjoy some of your favorite Mexican dishes while consuming healthy ingredients. Find out in this article what you should know about making healthy menu choices at Mexican restaurants.

How Can Common Main Mexican Dishes Be Made Healthier?

One of the common foods served in Mexican restaurants is burritos. The best thing about a burrito is that it can be made in numerous ways. You can get your favorite type of burrito customized to include healthier ingredients. For instance, rather than consuming a burrito that has a white tortilla, you can opt for a whole grain wheat one instead. The reason whole grain wheat tortillas are a healthier choice is due to the high amount of bran fiber in them, which is good for removing toxins out of your body through smoother bowel movements.

Another common Mexican dish that you can get customized is tacos. You can opt for soft tacos that are in a whole grain wheat tortilla. You can also make sure that you opt for chicken or fish instead of beef. Fish is the healthiest choice for a taco filling because it contains omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty fish like herring and salmon contains the highest amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial to your heart and lower cholesterol.

What are Healthy Mexican Food Side Dishes to Consider?

Rice is one of the common dishes that are served in Mexican restaurants. You can get in the habit of asking the server if your side item can be made with brown rice instead of white. Just like with whole-grain wheat tortillas, brown rice has a high amount of bran fiber in it. The benefit of bran fiber making your bowels easier to move is also good for keeping your weight under control. Removing the toxins in your body can prevent it from looking heavier due to bloating.

Refried beans are another one of the side dish options that can be made healthier. If the restaurant has black beans, you can opt for them instead of refried beans if you want to consume fewer calories. Make sure that you also tell the server to go light on the cheese that tops the beans, or opt for no cheese at all.

How You Can Make Healthier Menu Choices At A Mexican Restaurant?

How You Can Make Healthier Menu Choices at a Mexican Restaurant?

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