Instant pot recipes – Set It and Forget It

Cooking plays a most important role in the kitchen and Instant Pot is a multiple handler-substance for your kitchen. If you are hungry but don’t want to cook with the appliances which make mess your kitchen Instant Pot is the best product for you. You can enjoy your cooking at an affordable cost by using Instant Pot.  This is the best cooking option for you to prepare instant pot recipes which makes your cooking life easier. Instant Pot is a multi-cooker that plays the role of Dad for all other cooking appliances. The single appliance does the job of all other cooker appliances like an Electric-pressure cooker, steamer, rice cooker, etc.

Instant Pot Features

Instant Pot is the smart multi-use and programmable pressure cooker designed by Canadians. The purpose of making it is convenient, safe, eco-friendly, and fast-paced. Now some of its features that introduced its capability in front of us are:

  • Faster: In other appliances of the cooker, you have to put the things in it and wait until it cooked correctly. But in Instant Pot, You don’t have to wait until it will be cooked, due to the technology. With smart advanced technology, you can save up to 70% of your time. If you have no time to staying in the kitchen to monitor the food. You can cook easily in that situation. The Bluetooth technology of Instant Pot offers you to monitor your cooking from mobile devices via IOS or Android. So this is the best product for your kitchen.
  • Easy: Instant Pot is very easy to control. Their wireless features offer you to easily control your cooking. An electric pressure cooker can save your energy while cooking, need less water to cook and perform various of its task easier than other product.
  • Smart: Every smart work can save your time and money. Smart cooking also saves your time and money. Instant Pot is smart not by its name but also by its performance. Their smartness offers you to cook food even if you are not staying close to it. Their Smartness use less-content and water to make more tasty food. It is the second-most-efficient cooking appliance after microwave.
  • Stainless Steel: It has a fully insulated external pot which needs less water to cook. There is no chemical coating in it. So the heat is distributed in it quickly. The surrounding steam saves it from air exposure and keeps your food in original flavor and makes it tastier.
Instant pot recipes. Set It and Forget It
Instant pot recipes - Set It and Forget It 14

Some of its Featured products

Mainly there are many products of Instant Pot with the help of you can enjoy your cooking. But we have discussed about some of its best quality featured are:

  • Max: The Max is the new addition of the Instant Pot. With Max, Instant Pot is played a smart cooker role in the temperature spectrum. So, with this, you can make the tastes of your dish as like a hotel taste at home. Where your cooking experience enhances to the new level. It is the most revolutionary featuring cooker with 15psi pressure capability.
  • Ultra 10-in-1: It is the next generation pressure cooker for the home. It’s a degree of customization and controls the greater precision is the main technology for making your food more tastier. Even its name “10-in-1” described its personality in the kitchen appliances.
  • Duo Plus 9-in-1: The smart multi-use kitchen appliance designed with user-friendly LCD display to adjust cooking settings and pressure levels. It contains 24-hour delay start feature in which you holds the temperature until you’re ready to serve. That’s why it is the #1 best selling cooker in the instant pot family.
  • Duo 7-in-1: The programmable pressure cooker having 14 smart built-in programs. This pressure cooker uses 3rd generation technology with an embedded microprocessor. This cooker can replace and handles the seven appliances of the kitchen.

Instant pot recipes

Instant Pot Braised Beef
Instant pot recipes - Set It and Forget It 15

Instant Pot Braised Beef

Instant Pot Easy Chicken and Rice
Instant pot recipes - Set It and Forget It 16

Instant Pot Chicken and Rice

Instant Pot Beans
Instant pot recipes - Set It and Forget It 17

Instant Pot Beans

Instant Pot Spaghetti
Instant pot recipes - Set It and Forget It 18

Instant Pot Spaghetti

Instant pot recipes – Set It and Forget It

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