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We all love our cream that rich milky and yummy liquid that you can add to your deserts or you could just have as such. However, a lot of us are confused and perplexed by the product descriptions that we might have seen on cream cartons such as Half and half, heavy, light, or whipped. After all, aren’t they all the same, so is there a difference.

What are the different types of cream?

The yellow layer of fatty component that tends to accumulate on the surface of milk is known as cream. All cream is not the same and cream has been divided into subgroups based on the fat content.

Different countries have different manufacturing standards and definitions of classifying cream so a cream with 12 % fat content is referred to as half and a half in the united states the same cream with 12 % fat content is referred to as Extra light in Australia. Here is a classification of the types of cream based on the country:

  • In the United States and Canada cream with 10.5–18% fat is referred to as half and a half with 18–30% fat as light cream, 30–36% fat as Light Whipping cream, and 36% fat or more as Heavy cream.
  • In Australia the classification is different Extra light cream has 12–12.5% fat, Light cream has 18–20% fat, Pure cream has 35–56% fat, Thickened cream has 35–36.5% fat and artificial thickeners such as gelatine has been added, Single cream has about 35% fat while Double cream has 48–60% fat.
  • In the united kingdom single cream has 18 % fat, Sterilised cream has 23 % fat and is sterilized, Whipped cream has been whipped and has 35 % fat while whipping cream has not been whipped and has similar fat content, double cream has 48 % fat while clotted cream has 55% fat.
Recipes with whipping cream
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Does the type of cream make a difference?

The fat content of a cream does affect a number of things for example creams with higher fat content are easy to whip and do not curdle when used for cooking  , they have a rich creamy texture and even taste better.

While creams with lower fat content such as Half-and-Half is added to coffee. Reduced-fat extra thick cream may be used in fruit salads and desserts and Single cream can also be had with fruits or used while making soups. Therefore the fat content does make a difference and cream should be chosen based on the use for which it is intended to get the best results.

What is heavy whipping cream?

Cream, where the fat content is around 35-40%, is referred to as whipping cream. The high-fat content makes it easy to whip and the cream increases considerably in volume on whipping.

Cream, it would be hard to imagine food without cream be it deserts our coffees or our soups. This rich yummy liquid just adds richness and flavor to everything it is added to and yet when it comes to choosing the right cream we are left perplexed and confused.

A lot of people think that cream is cream and serves all purposes while there are some who know that each cream is different and meant for use differently.

The yellow layer of fatty component that tends to accumulate on the surface of milk is known as cream. All cream is not the same and cream has been divided into subgroups based on the fat content. Heavy Whipped cream is cream with a fat content of around 35-40%.

The Heavy Whipping Cream has a higher fat content than whipping cream with a fat content of only 30 % compared to that of heavy whipping cream. Heavy whipping cream when whipped gives you a better volume and texture due to the higher fat content. When whipped it almost doubles in volume and will hold its shape.

Heavy whipping cream substitutes?

Although heavy whipping cream is loaded with flavour it also is very high on the fat content, this could be a problem for some of us who are either health conscious are on a diet.

There are a number of substitutes of heavy whipping cream that can be used and these are much healthier. If you want a substitute for topping use coconut milk and whip it well, however, it must be used immediately as it is not as stable as your heavy cream due to lower fat content.

It can be replaced with heavy cream in pastries and you will get almost the same results with a reduction in the fat content. Instead of adding heavy cream, you can use single cream or a coffee creamer to get healthier results.

Heavy whipping cream vs whipping cream.

Heavy whipping cream and whipping cream are not the same. Heavy Whipping Cream has a fat content of 35-40 % while whipping cream has a fat content of 35%.

The higher fat content of heavy whipping cream gives it better qualities in terms of flavor, volume, and stability when compared to whipping cream.

How to make heavy whipping cream at home?

Making fresh heavy whipping cream at home is easy and doesn’t require too much time and effort. Fresh cream will add flavour to all your deserts. Here is a step by step procedure on how to make whipped cream:

  • Things that you need:  get your ingredients and equipment organized. You will need high-fat milk that is milk with a fat content of around 36 %, unsalted butter, and flavor if you wish to add it. The equipment that you will need is a heating pan, mixer with an attached bowl, or a hand mixer and a bowl; in case you are planning not to use a mixer, you would require a bowl and a whisk.
  • Making the cream: now that you have got your things ready all you need to do heat a rich scoop of unsalted butter in the pan just so that it melts. Now add milk to the butter add half a cup of milk to the butter and place this mix in the blender and mix well. Place in a refrigerator and allow cooling. Once the mixture has cooled you are ready with heavy whipping cream.

Storing heavy whipping cream?

The storage of heavy whipping cream is similar to that of other creams. It must be refrigerated at 4 degrees and make sure that cream is not stored for more than 10 days as it tends to get spoiled. You can store it in the freezer for around 3 months.

Here are some of the Amazing Recipes with whipping cream for you to try.

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