Chocolate In The Main Dish? What Makes Mole Irresistible

One of the classic dishes you will find on many Mexican menus is a mole. Mole is actually a traditional Mexican sauce, made of chocolate and a variety of peppers, and it can be added to a variety of dishes from slow-roasted chicken to enchiladas. While some people swear by mole, others are hesitant to try the main dish that features chocolate. However, the blending of chocolate with traditional spices tends to make these dishes irresistible. Below are five reasons this should be one of your favorite dining experiences. 

Not as Sweet as You Expect

Most Americans think of chocolate as a dessert. This is because the most common forms of chocolate involve the addition of milk and sugar. However, plain chocolate is generally slightly bitter with an earthy taste as opposed to a sweet flavor. 

Some mole recipes utilize cocoa as opposed to chocolate, which has all of the cocoa butter removed from the final product. However, most recipes get their smooth texture from the cocoa butter in the chocolate. 

Mole will allow you to experience chocolate in a completely different way than commonly experienced by Americans, and if you already love chocolate, it will deepen your appreciation for this versatile ingredient.

Adrenaline Rush Caused by Spicy Peppers

Most mole sauces tend to have a mild or medium level of spiciness. They utilize peppers for their rich flavors as opposed to their capsicum. However, occasionally you will find a mole sauce that has a slow burn or even a forceful kick when you consume it. 

The capsicum in peppers triggers an adrenaline rush that may leave you feeling euphoric. It also has a host of health benefits, including the improvement of cardiovascular health and the regulation of blood sugar.

Caffeine in Chocolate Releases Endorphins

Caffeine has many effects on the body. It can heighten your sensitivity to stimuli while releasing endorphins, which reduce the sensation of pain and increase the sensation of pleasure. The caffeine in mole may help make you more aware of the flavors in the dish you are eating and allow you to appreciate the dish more. At the same time, the endorphins may allow you to enjoy slightly spicier foods, which will allow you to experience a larger adrenaline rush. 

Tryptophan in Chocolate Stimulates Serotonin Production

Tryptophan is one of the building blocks necessary for the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical that has many functions, including regulating your appetite, helping you sleep, and allowing you to experience physical pleasure. Regularly consuming tryptophan will make sure your body is able to produce the ideal amount of serotonin, which may help stabilize your mood and increase your overall enjoyment of experiences, such as dining out. 

The Thickness and Warmth of the Dish Make it an Ideal Comfort Food

Comfort foods are those foods that you turn to when you are feeling stressed or depressed. They often include warm foods that are easy to consume and supply immediate energy. The soft, smooth texture of mole can emulate some traditional comfort foods, making you feel relaxed, safe, and happy. However, if you are going for comforting effects, you may want to make sure you will be consuming a mild mole, not the spicy alternatives. 

If you already love mole, you should now understand why it is such an addictive dish. The blending of chocolate and peppers into a rich, creamy sauce makes it the ideal food for a number of occasions and moods. If you have never tried mole before, now you have five reasons why you should order it the next time that you eat out at your favorite Mexican restaurant in Tucson Arizona.

Chocolate In The Main Dish? What Makes Mole Irresistible
Chocolate In The Main Dish? What Makes Mole Irresistible 2

Chocolate In The Main Dish? What Makes Mole Irresistible

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