Wine For Skin Care & Other Uses You Never Knew About

In 2012, more than 850 gallons of wine were consumed across the United States. With the average household consuming nearly 3 gallons of wine per year, it seems to be a staple in most households. Although wine makes an excellent drink and cooking ingredient, there are more uses for it than most people realize. With these fun wine uses, you won’t need to throw out a bottle of wine the next time you try something new that you don’t particularly enjoy.

Dye fabric

The amount of wine that you need completely depends on the amount of fabric that you are coloring. You need to do a wine reduction to make the color strong enough, so start by putting your wine in a stockpot or large saucepan. On turning your stove on high and boil your wine until it reduces down to one-third of the original amount.

Turn your stove down to low heat and put your fabric in the hot wine. Move your fabric around with a spoon to ensure it’s fully soaked. Soak your fabric anywhere from four to 24 hours, depending on how rich of a color you are after. Stir the wine-soaked fabric every four to five hours while it’s soaking.

Once you are finished dying your fabric take your pot off the stove and bring it outside. Remove your fabric, wring it out lightly, and hang it in the sun until it’s completely dry.


Spas all over India are using wine to give their customers a beautiful glow. The wines indigenous to India often contain fennel, strawberry, rose, saffron, and orange, which all have amazing benefits for the skin. The acidity acts as a wonderful pour refining toner.

Fennel, specifically, has antibacterial properties that are great for acne. Although teenagers shouldn’t be drinking wine, it would be a wonderful solution for their embarrassing breakouts. Your face will be clear, refined, softer, and brighter.

You can even pour some right into your bath water to make the skin all over your body softer and brighter. Add some to your bubble bath and you’re good to go.


The acidity and antibacterial properties aren’t only great for your skin, but for the surfaces in your home as well. Wine makes a fabulous all-purpose cleaner. Using dry white wine is recommended because it won’t leave any stains as you disinfect. All you have to do is pour it in a spray bottle and squirt away from the germs.

If you have real granite or marble countertops you don’t want to use anything too acidic to clean them. Either avoid your countertops with your wine cleaner or dilute with water and wipe it away immediately.

Clean fruits and veggies

Wine is a fantastic way to clean your fruits and vegetables. Rinsing your produce with water usually washes off any stray bugs or leftover pesticide residue, but sometimes produce can be awfully germy. Produce has been linked to many E. coli breakouts throughout the years, and you can’t be too careful. Wine kills bacteria like E. coli and salmonella without leaving chemicals all over your food.

Healing bruises

Bruises are caused by inflammation and bleeding under the skin. Flavonoids in the wine have powerful inflammation soothing effects. An old folk remedy states that wine can heal a bruise, and the science behind flavonoids may prove it to be true. To heal your unattractive bruising, soak a piece of bread in some wine. Once the bread is thoroughly soaked, lay it on your bruise for about 20-30 minutes at a time. It will clear your bruise up faster.

There is no need to throw out wine just because you don’t like the taste. You may even love these uses so much, you buy extra wine or accessories from places like just for cleaning and skincare. Who needs harsh chemicals when you have perfectly good alcohol in the fridge?

Wine For Skin Care & Other Uses You Never Knew About
Wine For Skin Care & Other Uses You Never Knew About 2

Wine For Skin Care & Other Uses You Never Knew About

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