Celery Nutritional Value and 12 Health Benefits

Celery is a type of vegetable belonging to the family Apiaceae and has the binomial name, Apium graveolens. Celery is mainly grown for its stalks which are edible and used for consumption purposes. Celery has a very pleasant crunchy taste and is known for its distinctive odor.

Due to these properties, it is very commonly used as an ingredient in stews, salads, and soups. Some people also utilize it to mix cocktail drinks. Celery seeds are very prominently produced in temperate countries. These seeds help in producing a volatile oil which is further used in the perfume and pharmaceutical industries.

Celery seeds are also used as flavoring agents and as a spice. Celery may be popular for its culinary uses but many of us are unknown about its nutritional value. It may surprise you but celery is very nutritious and contains a number of medicinal and health benefits.

From recent scientific studies, it has been proven that celery can be helpful in curing a number of diseases including anemia, asthma, constipation, dropsy, diabetes, and others.

Read further to know more about the nutritional facts and health benefits of celery.

Celery Nutritional Value and Facts

Amount of Celery: 1 cup (raw chopped)
Total Weight of Celery: 100 g 

Basic Components 
Protein1 g
Water95.4 g
Ash0.7 g
Total Calories16
Calories From Carbohydrate11.7
Calories From Fat1.5
Calories From Protein2.8
Total Carbohydrate3.4 g
Dietary Fiber1.6 g
Sugars1.8 g
Fats & Fatty Acids 
Total Fat0.2 g
Polyunsaturated Fat0.1 g
Total Omega-6 Fatty Acids79.0 mg
Vitamin A449 IU
Vitamin C3.1 mg
Vitamin E0.3 mg
Vitamin K29.3 mcg
Riboflavin0.1 mg
Niacin0.3 mg
Vitamin B60.1 mg
Folate36.0 mcg
Pantothenic Acid0.2 mg
Choline6.1 mg
Betaine0.1 mg
Calcium40.0 mg
Iron0.2 mg
Magnesium11.0 mg
Phosphorus24.0 mg
Potassium260 mg
Sodium80.0 mg
Zinc0.1 mg
Manganese0.1 mg
Selenium0.4 mcg
Celery Nutritional Value and 12 Health Benefits
Cover Image by Beverly Buckley from Pixabay

  Health Benefits of Celery

  1. Celery is quite alkaline in nature and facilitates balancing the body’s pH level and neutralizing acids, thereby increasing the immunity of the body.
  2. Celery seeds have anti-inflammatory properties and help in reducing pain and swelling of joints. Due to these properties, the seeds are prominently used in therapy for arthritis.
  3. Celery consists of a chemical that has the ability to lower the stress hormones in the blood and cause the expansion of blood vessels. In this way, it assists in reducing blood pressure.
  4. Celery contains a high amount of fiber and its regular consumption results in healthy bowel movement and prevents constipation.
  5. Regular intake of celery enhances bile acid secretion which removes harmful cholesterol and prevents plaque formation in blood vessels.
  6. From recent scientific studies, it has been proved that celery contains anti-cancer compounds such as acetylenic and phenolic acids. These anti-cancer compounds prevent the growth of cancerous cells.
  7. Since celery contains a very minute quantity of sugar, it is ideal for diabetic patients.
  8. If taken like a refreshing drink after workouts, celery seeds help in replenishing the essential salts and minerals required by the body.
  9. Regular consumption of celery serves to strengthen the immunity of the body. Celery contains antioxidants like coumarin which is known for boosting white blood cell activity. Celery is also rich in vitamin C, which is necessary for enhancing body immunity.
  10. Celery and its juice are also known to cure kidney and gallstones. Celery juice has the ability to dissolve kidney and gall stones, restricting their further growth.
  11. Celery contains a high amount of vitamin B and other necessary minerals which are important for healthy nervous conditions and the prevention of insomnia.
  12. Celery is very low in calorie intake and also has high fiber content. Regular intake of celery assists in losing weight. 

Now as you are aware of the salient health benefits of celery, take it in appropriate quantities and maintain a healthy body frame.