Figs Nutritional Value and 11 Health Benefits

Talk about figs and you sure would be reminded of the dried counterparts available everywhere, all throughout the year. But then, have you ever tasted the fresh, luscious figs? Those who have would know the sweet flavor, smooth texture, and crunchy interior of figs. For rest, this write-up would surely coax you to get your hands on the fresh variety not just because of the luscious taste, but also due to the rich nutritional value.

Commonly grown in southwestern Asia, figs grow on the Ficus tree (Ficus carica), which is a member of the mulberry family. Interestingly, the fig is supposedly one of the first few plants, which were cultivated by humans during the early years. It is presumed that the figs were the ‘only’ cultivated plants for a thousand years. Romans ate figs with great delight. The Bible is known to hold the first reference to figs.

It is believed that when Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, they had clad themselves with fig leaves. Hence, figs hold utmost importance in Christian culture. Figs are highly nutritious and have great medicinal uses. They can be eaten fresh as well as dried or jammed, and hence are always available. Not just the fruit, but the leaves of the tree are also edible.

In the following lines, we have provided details about the nutritional content and health benefits of figs. Go through them and note what good fig does to humans!

Figs Nutritional Value and 11 Benefits
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Fig Nutritional Facts

Amount of Fig: 1 cup
Total Weight of Fig: 149 g

Basic Components 
Protein4.9 g
Water44.8 g
Ash2.8 g
Total Calories371
Calories From Carbohydrate343
Calories From Fat11.6
Calories From Protein16.5
Total Carbohydrate95.2 g
Dietary Fiber14.6 g
Starch7.6 g
Sugars71.4 g
Fats & Fatty Acids 
Total Fat1.4 g
Saturated Fat0.2 g
Monounsaturated Fat0.2 g
Polyunsaturated Fat0.5 g
Total Omega-6 Fatty Acids514 mg
Vitamin A14.9 IU
Vitamin C1.8 mg
Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol)0.5 mg
Vitamin K23.2 mcg
Thiamin0.1 mg
Riboflavin0.1 mg
Niacin0.9 mg
Vitamin B60.2 mg
Folate13.4 mcg
Pantothenic Acid0.6 mg
Choline23.5 mg
Betaine1.0 mg
Calcium241 mg
Iron3.0 mg
Magnesium101 mg
Phosphorus99.8 mg
Potassium1013 mg
Sodium14.9 mg
Zinc0.8 mg
Copper0.4 mg
Manganese0.8 mg
Selenium0.9 mcg

Health Benefits of Figs

  1. It is seen that figs work wonders in preventing constipation. This is because figs have a good amount of fiber content in them. A high amount of fiber is extremely vital for the proper functioning of the digestive system.
  2. For those who are looking forward to shedding some weight, figs are a must-have ingredient for including in the diet. Doctors in fact prescribe them to obese people for the same. Though ironically, figs are also a weight gainer if consumed with milk.
  3. Fig is a fibrous fruit and contains different types of fibers. It also contains pectin which is a soluble fiber. Pectin has the property of cleansing the cholesterol out of the body.
  4. Another interesting fact about figs is that this fruit contains phenol, omega-3, and omega-6 acids. These are the fatty acids that are known for preventing coronary heart diseases.
  5. Fig being a fibrous fruit has a lot of benefits, apart from being helpful in digestion. It mops out the cancerous developments from the body and prevents colon and breast cancer.
  6. Fig leaves are known to possess great anti-diabetic properties. Fig leaves reduce the amount of insulin needed by diabetic patients who have to take insulin injections. Also rich in potassium, fig helps control blood sugar.
  7. Fig helps as a balancing agent for patients who suffer from hypertension. Hypertension is a result of high sodium and low potassium diet. Being low on sodium and high on potassium, fig helps keep the balance between the two chemicals in the body.
  8. Figs are age-old aphrodisiac known to man. Figs can work wonders in reducing sexual weakness. Just soak a couple of figs overnight in a glass of milk and consume them in the morning. The same concoction acts as a weight gaining tonic.
  9. Fig fruit is high in calcium and hence helps in building and strengthening bones.
  10. The fruit is especially beneficial for the old people as it helps them retain their vision because the fig helps in slowing down macular degeneration.
  11. For those suffering from sore throat and cold often, having figs have proved to be beneficial. Figs contain high mucilage content which helps in providing relief against sore throat. 

Figs are perhaps one of the most complete foods available to humans. Include them into your diet and make way for healthy living.

Figs Nutritional Value and 11 Health Benefits

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