10 Best Foods That Burn Calories

Losing weight does not mean cutting down the portions of the diet. It’s just selecting the right kind of food that burns the calories and fat stored in the body. These kinds of food are called negative calorie foods, as they require more energy to be digested than the amount of energy they provide on their own.

Apart from sweating out on the treadmill, moving around, and building those muscles, you should keep a close watch on your food calorie intake. So including, fresh fruits and salads, spicy foods, and food rich in dietary fiber as a part of the knick-knacks for the day can be effective.

However, don’t limit yourself to just these items, as it’s important to have a balanced diet enriched with proteins and carbs. Therefore, a good balance of food that burns away calories in a snap can do wonders. Go through the list of foodstuffs that are winners with the weight loss programs and help burn those extra calories away! 

10 Foods That Burn Calories
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Calorie Burning Foods

Fiber-Rich Food

Foods that are rich in fiber are an excellent way of burning those calories. The fiber-rich food makes the bodywork extra hard to digest. In the process, more energy is used to digest them. Hence, the energy supplied by the food is lesser than the amount of energy needed to digest it. Whole-grain cereal, oats, bran bread, and pasta are great examples of fiber-rich food. 

Jalapenos, Habaneras, Cayenne

These spicy peppers are rich in a compound called capsaicin. It is because of this compound that peppers have a spicy tinge. A spicy meal means that your metabolism is boosted by a good 25 %. This happens because the spices increase the temperature of the body and the person starts to sweat just the way he would while exercising. Therefore, the chemical capsaicin is very effective in burning down calories for up to three hours after having a spicy meal. 

Green Tea And Coffee

Green tea, as you may know, is a favorite among those trying to lose weight. Coffee has a large caffeine content and green tea has a compound present in it called EGCG. The caffeine content in the coffee boosts the heart rate hence, burning more calories while the EGCG content in the green tea boosts metabolism and the body burns down more calories. Taking a cup of green tea between meals is an excellent way to keep the calorie count low. 

Lean Meat

Lean meats like turkey, chicken, and beef work towards burning calories. The body needs a lot of energy to burn down the protein, more than it requires for fats or carbs. Therefore, by consuming more proteins, you burn down twice the amount of calories than by eating anything else. The ever-famous Atkins diet is known for its high protein content. The proteins in this lean meat also help build the muscles and muscles are proven to burn more calories. 

Dairy Products – Low Fat Or Skimmed

Dairy products like cheese and butter should be kept to a minimum, but not avoided. Instead, low-fat or skimmed milk and yogurt should be consumed. The protein content in these dairy products helps to build up muscle in the body and muscle helps in the loss of calories. In addition, the calcium and vitamin B12 content in dairy products helps to boost metabolism. However, remember to never resort to full cream and flavored milk, you won’t be serving the purpose then! 

Fruits Like Strawberry And Grapefruit

Fruits, as we all know, are perfect for health.  Specific fruits like strawberries, grapefruit, tangerines, and watermelons are rich in vitamin C content, which helps burn down fat. Whenever you are hungry, it is always safe to munch on some fruit because of its low-calorie content. 

Vegetables Like Celery And Carrots

Just like fruits, some vegetables help in losing down the calories. Their vitamin C content and ability to burn down fat make them a great food to burn down calories. Vegetables like cabbage, celery, carrots, and cucumbers are amongst the most popular for those wanting to shed weight. 

Inculcating these foods to help burn the fat away is essential to shedding calories. Now you know what to resort to when you are hungry. Keep that bag of crisps and sugar-glazed donuts for someone else and resort to the healthier and more ‘fruitful’ options!