Low-fat, Cheezy, Best Vegan Pasta Recipe

Embracing Creaminess Without Dairy

Transitioning to a plant-based diet often means bidding farewell to beloved cheesy indulgences. However, this cheezy vegan pasta recipe defies expectations by offering a lusciously creamy experience without relying on traditional dairy ingredients. The magic lies in an unexpected source, promising a delightful twist to the classic mac and cheese. Through a few personalized modifications, this recipe takes on a phenomenal taste while maintaining simplicity as its core virtue.

As you embark on this culinary journey, the blend of ingredients harmonizes effortlessly, creating a rich and creamy texture reminiscent of cheese-based sauces. This innovative approach eliminates the heaviness associated with cream-based or cheese-laden recipes, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a lighter yet equally satisfying alternative.

Unveiling the Ingredients for Creamy Goodness

The foundation of this delectable vegan pasta revolves around accessible and wholesome components. Beginning with your preferred pasta—opting for the nutritious whole wheat variety adds a healthier twist—this recipe embraces versatility in its choice of pasta while steering clear of plain white options.

The star ingredient, a humble sweet potato, takes center stage, providing the base for the creamy sauce. Complemented by approximately half a cup of your favorite plant-based milk—such as calcium-enriched oat milk—the sweet potato undergoes a transformation, lending its natural sweetness and creamy texture to the dish.

Intriguing additions like mustard, nutritional yeast for its cheesy essence, a hint of curry, and the essential seasoning with salt and pepper, seamlessly blend together. These elements culminate in a flavorful and satisfying sauce that coats the pasta, delivering a mouthwatering experience.

Crafting the Creamy Vegan Pasta Delight

Executing this recipe is a straightforward process that begins with cooking the pasta according to the package instructions. Meanwhile, the sweet potato undergoes its own preparation—peeling, steaming, or boiling until it achieves a soft consistency.

With the sweet potato ready, a tall bowl becomes the canvas for blending it with mustard, nutritional yeast for that coveted cheesiness, curry, and vital seasoning. Gradually incorporating the plant-based milk, you’ll witness the transformation into a creamy, dreamy sauce that’s the heart of this dish.

The final act involves marrying the pasta and the luscious sauce in a generous mixing bowl. For an added touch of freshness and vibrancy, consider garnishing the dish with fresh tomatoes, greens, or herbs—a delightful contrast to the creamy base.

This cheezy vegan pasta recipe is great for everyone who misses the creaminess of mac and cheese on a plant-based lifestyle. And you wouldn’t believe where the creaminess of this recipe comes from….

I’ve seen recipes similar to this, but I kind of tweaked it a little to my liking. And I think it tastes phenomenal! It’s super-rich and creamy without the heaviness of cream or cheese sauces. And so simple to make!

Vegan Pasta Recipe


  • pasta (I used corn pasta here, but you can use what you like, preferably not plain white pasta, though – maybe opt for whole wheat!)
  • 1 sweet potato (I used a small one, for more people, use a bigger one)
  • about 1/2 cup of your favorite plant-based milk (I used calcium-enriched oat milk)
  • 1 tsp of mustard
  • 2-3 tbsp of nutritional yeast
  • 1/2 tsp of curry
  • salt/pepper to taste
  • optional: tomatoes, greens


  1. First off, cook your pasta according to the package.
  2. Start with peeling the sweet potato. Steam or boil it until soft. Then in a tall bowl, blend together the sweet potato with the mustard, nutritional yeast (for the cheesiness!), curry, and salt/pepper with a handheld blender.
  3. Start with a little plant-based milk and add more until you achieve a nice creamy texture.
  4. Then mix up the pasta with the sauce in a big bowl.
  5. Finally, you can add some fresh tomatoes on top, or some greens or herbs, to add some freshness.
  6. Enjoy!
Low-fat, Cheezy, Vegan Pasta Recipe
Low-fat, Cheezy, Best Vegan Pasta Recipe 2

Savoring Dairy-Free Creaminess

In conclusion, this cheezy vegan pasta recipe revolutionizes the notion of creamy indulgence, offering a delightful alternative for those missing the comfort of mac and cheese on a plant-based journey. The ingenious use of simple yet vibrant ingredients redefines the essence of creaminess without the need for traditional dairy components. As you savor each bite, relish in the balance of flavors and textures, embracing the richness without the weight, and celebrating the versatility of plant-based ingredients. With this recipe, bid adieu to cravings for dairy-laden pasta, and say hello to a new era of satisfying, guilt-free culinary delights.


Delightfully Creamy: A Vegan Pasta Recipe Worth Savoring!

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November 25, 2023

This incredible vegan pasta recipe is a game-changer for anyone seeking a guilt-free yet incredibly indulgent dining experience. The blend of flavors is simply superb, creating a rich and creamy texture that rivals traditional cheese-based dishes. What truly stands out is the ingenious use of sweet potato and nutritional yeast, crafting a sauce that’s both satisfyingly cheesy and delightfully light. The simplicity of the recipe makes it accessible for all skill levels, ensuring a hassle-free cooking process. Moreover, the versatility allows for personal touches like adding fresh tomatoes or greens, elevating the dish’s freshness. Prepare to be amazed by the sheer deliciousness and wholesome nature of this low-fat, cheezy vegan pasta—truly a culinary gem!


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