Onions Nutritional Value and 12 Health Benefits

There are two kinds of people in the world, the first category belongs to those who love gorging on onions and the second is to those who don’t like an onion. Still, there hardly is anyone who hasn’t tasted onion. Raw or fried, in curry or salad, dried or pickled, onion can be consumed in any of these ways and in many more ways than these.

This vegetable has become an integral part of almost all households. What is interesting to note is that this highly consumed and eaten vegetable has a history that dates back to 5000 BC. Such was the importance of onions then that they were revered by some, while some used them to pay rent or give as gifts.

Coming back to the present time, onions today, apart from being a tastemaker for various dishes, are consumed for their high nutritional value and health benefits. If you are an ardent fan of these spherical-shaped delights, here’s more reason to devour onions.

And for those who aren’t very fond of them, a reading of the further part of the article would help you find out the nutritional value that each of the concentric rings of an onion holds. 

Onions Nutritional Value and Facts

Amount of Onion (chopped): 1 cup
Total Weight of Onion: 160 g

Basic Components 
Protein1.8 g
Water143 g
Phytosterols24.0 mg
Total Calories64.0
Calories From Carbohydrate57.8
Calories From Fat1.3
Calories From Protein4.9
Total Carbohydrate14.9 g
Dietary Fiber2.7 g
Sugars6.8 g
Fats & Fatty Acids 
Total Fat0.2 g
Monounsaturated Fat0.1 g
Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids6.4 mg
Total Omega-6 Fatty Acids20.8 mg
Vitamin A3.2 IU
Vitamin C11.8 mg
Vitamin K0.6 mcg
Thiamin0.1 mg
Niacin0.2 mg
Vitamin B60.2 mg
Folate30.4 mcg
Pantothenic Acid0.2 mg
Choline9.8 mg
Betaine0.2 mg
Calcium36.8 mg
Iron0.3 mg
Magnesium16.0 mg
Phosphorus46.4 mg
Potassium234 mg
Sodium6.4 mg
Zinc0.3 mg
Copper0.1 mg
Manganese0.2 mg
Selenium0.8 mcg
Fluoride1.8 mcg
Onions Nutritional Value and 12 Health Benefits
Onions Nutritional Value and 12 Health Benefits 2

Health Benefits of Onions

  1. Onion is known for improving oral health. This vegetable, if regularly used in the right amount, can prevent tooth decay and other oral infections. It is observed that chewing raw onions for a while can help kill the germs present inside the mouth.
  2. After much scientific research, it has been proven that onion aids in the thinning of blood, which, in turn, prevents the red blood cells from forming lumps. If not treated properly, these blocks can result in serious heart ailments and cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Onion can be used in the treatment of skin ailments like acne and zits. To get radiant and scar-less skin a mixture of onion juice with olive oil or honey can be used.
  4. A sore throat can be treated with the help of onion juice. Onion juice should be mixed with honey and fed to the patient thrice a day. It helps in soothing aching throat.
  5. Onion juice can be used for treating bug bites. Fresh onion juice can be applied topically on the external body surface in case of insect bite and scorpion bite. It is quite effective in soothing the sting of honeybees.
  6. Onion also works as an aphrodisiac. It supposedly increases the libido or the urge to perform healthy sexual intercourse. One tablespoon of onion juice mixed with an equal quantity of ginger juice if taken thrice a day can boost sex drive.
  7. Patients with anemia are suggested to increase their intake of onions because onions are known to improve anemic conditions if taken regularly along with jaggery and water.
  8. Because of the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of onion, it is effective in the treatment of stomach aches and other gastro syndromes.
  9. For those who suffer from a burning sensation while urinating, onion is a sure-shot way to get over this disorder. Drinking boiled water with 6 to 7 grams of onion in it will help alleviate the problem.
  10. Onion is rich in active compounds and hence regular use of onion in the diet brings down the risk of contracting cancer considerably. Onion is known to decrease the number of cancerous cells.
  11. If a person is suffering from sensitive earache, onion juice can come in handy. A couple of drops of onion juice in the ear can relieve earache. If onion juice is applied inside the ear with the help of a cotton bud, it helps in healing the ringing sound.
  12. Due to the high sulfur content in onion, it helps in stopping the formation of biochemical chains in the body that help in avoiding asthmatic conditions. 

This commonly found veggie is a must for every kitchen not just because of the culinary benefits, but because it aids healthy living. A diet cannot be complete without the inclusion of onion. So, binge on onions and zoom your way to a disease-free life!