Carrot Nutritional Value and 7 Health Benefits

Carrots are among the most popular vegetables consumed by mankind. It is the sweet taste and crunchy texture of carrots that make it so popular among both kids and adults. Carrots are available throughout the year and form an important part of our diet. Carrots are used for a variety of culinary purposes, ranging from salads to soups.

Apart from serving great taste and flavor, carrots are known to provide many essential vitamins and minerals to the body. Carrots are rich in essential vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K. They also contain a good amount of antioxidants and fiber content. Recent studies have proved that regular consumption of carrots greatly helps in treating heart diseases.

The major cause of heart disease is high cholesterol levels. Carrots can reduce cholesterol levels in the body. Carrots are also important to maintain normal dental health and vision.  This amazing vegetable also helps in preventing aging signs and in maintaining good skin.

Read further to learn more health benefits of carrots. But before that take a sneak peek into its nutrition content.

Carrot Nutritional Value and Facts

Amount of Carrots: 1 cup
Total weight of Carrots: 100g 

Basic Components 
Water90.4 g
Ash0.6 g
Total Calories35
Calories From Carbohydrate32.1
Calories From Fat1.1
Calories From Protein1.8
Total Carbohydrate8.2 g
Dietary Fiber2.9 g
Sugars4.8 g
Fats & Fatty Acids 
Total Fat0.1 g
Polyunsaturated Fat0.1 g
Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids8.0 mg
Total Omega-6 Fatty Acids57.0 mg
Vitamin A13790 IU
Vitamin C2.6 mg
Vitamin E 
Vitamin K9.4 mcg
Niacin0.6 mg
Vitamin B60.1 mg
Folate27.0 mcg
Pantothenic Acid0.4 mg
Choline7.5 mg
Betaine0.1 mg
Calcium32.0 mg
Iron0.9 mg
Magnesium10.0 mg
Phosphorus28.1 mg
Potassium237 mg
Sodium78.0 mg
Zinc0.2 mg
Copper0.1 mg
Manganese0.2 mg
Selenium0.9 mcg
Carrots Nutritional Value and 7 Health Benefits
Cover Photo by David Holifield on Unsplash

Health Benefits of Carrot

  1. Recent scientific studies have proved that regular consumption of carrots can help in preventing several types of cancer. Carrots contain beta-carotene which reduces the risk of cancer, particularly lung cancer. Consumption of carrots regularly is also known to reduce the risk of colon cancer. Studies have also proved that the risk of breast cancer too greatly reduced from the daily intake of carrots.
  2. Carrots contain a high amount of vitamin A which is very necessary for maintaining the healthy vision of the eyes. Carrots are rich in beta- carotene which greatly helps protect against macular degeneration and the development of senile cataracts.
  3. Carrot consumption curbs the level of cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol is the main reason for heart problems and a reduction in cholesterol level immensely helps in preventing heart diseases.
  4. It has been argued that people who regularly eat carrots have less risk of suffering from strokes.
  5. Carrots are known for their strong cleansing properties which greatly help in removing the harmful chemicals from the liver. It further helps in preventing acne. Vitamin A and other essential nutrients present in carrots facilitate nourishing the skin and preventing it from getting dry.
  6. The antioxidants present in carrots help in defending the body from cell damage. These antioxidants aid in slowing down the aging process of cells and also reduce the negative effects associated with aging.
  7. Perhaps this fact is not known to many people, but carrots can really help in maintaining proper dental health. Carrots initiate the release of saliva which further aids in removing the teeth stains. The minerals and nutrients present in carrots play a vital role in killing the germs in the mouth and preventing tooth damage. 

Include carrots in your diet and you will be amazed by the health benefits offered by them. Munch your way to great health!